Quantitative Easing or Counterfeiting Money?

Philip Cockayne We have all heard many allegations throughout the years regarding the threat of the illegal forgery of notes. We’ve also been the suspects on countless occasions as a cashier in a shop has held our given notes to the light to check for the metallic strip running down the centre of a note … Continue reading

Editorial: Have a Bananna

Robbie Gill Many of you may have used ‘Have a Banana’, the fruit and vegetable stall that has become an intrinsic part of the All Saints campus in its sixteen and a half year stay outside Grosvenor Park. However on Monday morning, instead of managing his stall, proprietor Nick Austin found himself in the Town … Continue reading

Proof of the use of WMDs in Iraq?

Duncan Hannavy There can be little doubt that given the cost of the war in Iraq, the failure to find any evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction has proven to be something of a political embarrassment to all involved. The death toll for Coalition forces is getting dangerously close to the 5,000 mark, which although … Continue reading

MMU Action Palestine Launches Film Screenings

Noorulann Shahid MMU Action Palestine Society launched their weekly film screenings recently, and PULP went to the first screening. “Occupation 101: Voices of the silent majority” is an independent documentary film surrounding the truth behind the Israel-Palestine conflict. It has won eight international awards, including best documentary at the deadcenter film festival. It was written … Continue reading

Tensions Treble in Fees Fight

Jacob Hewlett Case Up to ten thousand students took to the streets of London on the Ninth of November to protest against the increase in tuition fees. This came one year on from the large scale student marches to oppose the trebling of fees under the Tory-led coalition. The police had a very heavy presence … Continue reading

Volunteer at Oxfam

Ben Diette As a student there are so many ways to raise money for charity. This can be by doing something big like taking part in events, such as getting sponsorship for a marathon or organising a student party. But there are so many smaller ways you can help, especially if you are new to … Continue reading