Game Review: Elder Scrolls Vs Skyrim

Graham Murray For many Elder Scrolls fans, such as myself it has been a long five years, waiting for a new instalment. The last time our televisions were honoured with a new Elder Scrolls game was in 2006, when Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released. Of course in 2008, Elder Scrolls creators Bethesda released Fallout … Continue reading

Video Games: Just who plays them?

If you were asked to describe someone who plays video games, what would your response be? Someone young, with poor social skills, and male, we all know the stereotype of the “nerd” or “geek”.  Yet this image could not be further from the truth. A 2011 study by the American Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shows … Continue reading

Apple unveils next-gen iPhone

James Porter Campbell Apple last week unveiled the highly anticipated update to its impossibly successful iPhone line of smart phones. At an intimate event held on its Cupertino Campus in California, the decidedly anti-climatic device was launched to a small group of media. Those expecting a complete design overhaul were disappointed, as the new device, … Continue reading