IMF slashes UK’s growth forecast

By Philip Cockayne The UK’s 2012 and 2013 growth forecasts have been slashed in the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) World Economic Outlook report, which was published at the end of January. The UK’s predicted GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures have been cut from 1.6% to 0.6% in 2012, and are down from 2.4% to 2% … Continue reading

The battle for US presidency continues

By Ciji Singletary At long last, the list of potential Republican presidential candidates has been whittled down to a manageable number. The final four consist of Ron Paul, the eminently Google-able Rick Santorum, New Gingrich, and, Mister Inevitable himself, Mitt Romney. Realistically, however, out of all four men, we are down to just two viable … Continue reading

From student to suspected terrorist

By Noorulann Shahid I’m standing outside the Mabel Tylecote building to meet former MMU politics graduate, Rizwaan Sabir. Sabir is a human rights campaigner and a PhD student at the University of Bath, where he is researching UK counter-terrorism. I am here, however, to talk about his experiences of being arrested as a suspected terrorist … Continue reading

Quantitative Easing or Counterfeiting Money?

Philip Cockayne We have all heard many allegations throughout the years regarding the threat of the illegal forgery of notes. We’ve also been the suspects on countless occasions as a cashier in a shop has held our given notes to the light to check for the metallic strip running down the centre of a note … Continue reading

Will 2012 be the year of real change?

Graham Murray This year has sparked global revolution, but will 2012 follow suit to ensure real change? 2012, on top of the Olympics, the Queen’s diamond jubilee and predictions of an apocalypse by the Mayans amongst other things, is set to be a year of important global elections that will decide the way in which … Continue reading

Where were you?

James Jarvis & Katie Lee On the 30th November, Pulp joined the ranks of the workers and got involved in the national day of industrial action called for by the public sector workers and respective Unions. Alongside 25,000 likeminded protesters we matched through Manchester to show solidarity against pension cuts and the general dissolution with … Continue reading

There’s a party in the USA, and it’s in need of a leader

Seán McGandy When Barack Obama stepped down from his plinth on Washington D.Cs National Mall on the 20th January 2009, he held the world in the palm of his hands. He had just delivered his inauguration speech to a record-breaking crowd of 1.8 million and global media. For the first time in 16 years, his … Continue reading

Editorial: A look back on 2011

Noorulann Shahid 2011 has been a pivotal year in terms of history, and I want to look back at the major events that occurred during this year, that will undoubtedly shape 2012. The Arab Spring revolutions, now dubbed as the “Arab Winter” was sparked in Tunisia in December 2010, after a 26-year old man named … Continue reading

N30 Profits Go Where?

Katie Lee On the 30th November, 24 unions and approximately 2 million people took strike from their jobs. This was an opportunity for people to demonstrate thatthey will not stand down in the struggles with the tory-led government. Like the rest of the UK, ManMet got involved with lecture walkouts, marches and mass strikes but … Continue reading

Funding Cuts Hit the Humanities the Hardest

By Harriet Ryder What a lot of students don’t realize is that lecturers are assessed and valued by the university mostly through the research they do and the publications they make in leading journals in their field. Lecturers have to juggle their own research as well as organizing lectures and seminars, for which they often … Continue reading