Where were you?

James Jarvis & Katie Lee On the 30th November, Pulp joined the ranks of the workers and got involved in the national day of industrial action called for by the public sector workers and respective Unions. Alongside 25,000 likeminded protesters we matched through Manchester to show solidarity against pension cuts and the general dissolution with … Continue reading

Tensions Treble in Fees Fight

Jacob Hewlett Case Up to ten thousand students took to the streets of London on the Ninth of November to protest against the increase in tuition fees. This came one year on from the large scale student marches to oppose the trebling of fees under the Tory-led coalition. The police had a very heavy presence … Continue reading


  The word “Occupy” has become synonymous with worldwide protest against what the protestors see as unrestrained corporate greed and social inequality. In essence, the protests are against the capitalist regime that has allowed the richest of society to hold the most power in governing our world.The movement began at Occupy Wall Street, but has … Continue reading

Thousands Protest at Tory Conference

Jacob Hewlett Case, Katie Lee & James Porter Campbell Sunday the 2nd October proved to be a historic day for Manchester as an estimated 30,000 protestors marched past the Conservative Party Conference in opposition to government spending cuts. Members of the National Union of Teachers, National Union of Students, Unison and Unite flooded the streets … Continue reading