Shame: The Review

By Ciji Singletary   Shame is a film about sexual addiction. Yes, there is a lot of nudity. And yes, there are more than a few sex scenes. But the most arresting parts of this film are the raw, emotional performances of the cast, not their explicit escapades. This is the second film by the … Continue reading

Who to Watch in 2012

By Jessica Sophie Lovett   As 2012 begins a new array of stars take to the media spot light in search of the public’s attention. This includes both new and old faces enjoying the attention that fame brings, and finally receiving the recognition they deserve for their talents. The faces of 2012 to watch stretch … Continue reading

The Grey – Dir. Joe Carnahan

By John Holden   There are many things to be learned from the films of Liam Neeson. As Oskar Schindler he taught us that we must not, under any circumstances, kill Jews, be it en-masse or otherwise; in ‘Love Actually’, he taught us how to love, in a heart-warming portrayal of a widowed father and … Continue reading

Review: The Rum Diary

John Holden Johnny Depp is the highest paid actor in the world with earnings of over $74million in 2011 alone and it’s not hard to see why. Throughout his career he has taken his characters to new levels, turning the vast majority of them into eccentric, larger than life caricatures of humanity: Edward Scissorhands, Jack … Continue reading

2012: The end is nigh, but Hollywood keeps on rolling!

Yosayf Jay Dunn 2011 was year that saw Harry Potter battle Lord Voldemort for the last time, the Transfomers took us to the Dark Side of the Moon, and Captain Jack Sparrow minced his way onto stranger tides. So with the possibility of this being mankind’s final year on planet Earth can the silver screens … Continue reading

Five Best and Worst Films of 2011

Courtney Button As the year draws to an end it’s the filmic article you have all been looking forward to with silent fervour. Looking back on the last 11 months, there have been some triumphs of cinema, making the potential Oscar winners very hard to guess. Films which have had an impact on you, and … Continue reading

Film Review: In Time

Dominic Nazeri In a future world where everyone stops ageing at 25 – then have to work to earn extra time to live – sounds farfetched to say the least.  Despite being a highly anticipated film however, In Time throws up a whole manner of ideas, and then simply has no idea what to do … Continue reading

Film Review: Friends With Benefits

Dominic Nazeri Many films fall into the stereotypical Hollywood romcom culture of boy meets girl and the rest is history. You’d be wrong in thinking that Friends With Benefits redefines the genre and adds things that have never been done before in some miraculous attempt to break the typical trend. What it does however, is … Continue reading

Film Review: Drive

Courtney Button & Tom Gore Dir. Nicholas Winding Refn Starring: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston Ryan Gosling has been extremely busy recently, with three films out in cinemas in just over a month. However it’s his film Drive that has been getting the most plaudits from critics and cinema goers alike and is being … Continue reading