Deleted Scenes from The Cutting Room Floor

Clementine McFall Style is back, and as we look to 2012, it only looks like things are going to get more glamorous! So you’re going to need a suitable soundtrack to go along with your new swing revival life, and my suggestion is Caro Emerald the Dutch sensation’s debut album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting … Continue reading

Manchester School of Art: Fashion show 11/11/11

Do you love fashion? Do you like to keep up to date with the latest trends and budding designers? Then get yourself down to the Victorian Bath House on Hathersage Road this Friday (11th Nov) at 6pm. This Friday the Manchester School of Art is hosting its Second Year show which aims to showcase the … Continue reading

Fashion Society Event

Fashion Society Event The theme for the very first MMU Fashion Society shoot was ‘Vintage Fashion’ and as a society we were very lucky that local shops and boutiques across Manchester, kindly donated their clothes. These include stores such as Zen and Peacocks. Also as we are all interested in fashion some of the items were … Continue reading

Vintage Shopping

Ben Diette As a student in Manchester there is so much to explore, from vintage shops to cultural cubbyholes, there are plenty of new discoveries to keep almost every student t happy. However as well as the expected ‘high street’ clothing stores there are also many less known finds waiting for you to discover your … Continue reading

6 Inches

Kate Rowan I am finding it difficult to forget the night before. If it does slip my mind, I need only stand up to have a sudden reminder of mistakes made. And no, it isn’t the room-spinning hangover (this time), but the equally terrible pain I inflicted on my feet. For many women, high heels … Continue reading

Harvey Nichols

James Jarvis With a flowery wristband round one arm and the other clutching a well mixed drink, Pulp decided to take a wonder round the glitz and glamour of Harvey Nichols after hours. No not more looting; but a brilliant night of booze, beats and bargains, the Harvey Nic’s secret student sale! Bethani Gowland, a … Continue reading