Quantitative Easing or Counterfeiting Money?

Philip Cockayne We have all heard many allegations throughout the years regarding the threat of the illegal forgery of notes. We’ve also been the suspects on countless occasions as a cashier in a shop has held our given notes to the light to check for the metallic strip running down the centre of a note … Continue reading

MMU: Restricting Participation?

James Jarvis I ventured out from behind my theoretical desk (Pulp is still without an office) this week to look into the troubling news of course closures over at the Hollings campus. As far as we can see the courses due to be suspended from 2012 are as follows; Fashion Materials Technology, Trading Standing, Environmental … Continue reading

Editorial: Have a Bananna

Robbie Gill Many of you may have used ‘Have a Banana’, the fruit and vegetable stall that has become an intrinsic part of the All Saints campus in its sixteen and a half year stay outside Grosvenor Park. However on Monday morning, instead of managing his stall, proprietor Nick Austin found himself in the Town … Continue reading

What to buy this Christmas?

Jessica Sophie Lovett & James Jarvis With Christmas fast approaching, and the student loan slowly dwindling away, Christmas time can be a stressful and feared time. However with Pulp’s student tips on what to buy this Christmas for your nearest and dearest, there is no need to panic any more. Under a fiver For those … Continue reading

Will 2012 be the year of real change?

Graham Murray This year has sparked global revolution, but will 2012 follow suit to ensure real change? 2012, on top of the Olympics, the Queen’s diamond jubilee and predictions of an apocalypse by the Mayans amongst other things, is set to be a year of important global elections that will decide the way in which … Continue reading

There’s a party in the USA, and it’s in need of a leader

Seán McGandy When Barack Obama stepped down from his plinth on Washington D.Cs National Mall on the 20th January 2009, he held the world in the palm of his hands. He had just delivered his inauguration speech to a record-breaking crowd of 1.8 million and global media. For the first time in 16 years, his … Continue reading

Editorial: 2011 In News

Katie Lee On reflection, the year 2011 has seen a lot with regards to the world of news. Who knew on the first of January 2011 what the following year would become. It would be a laborious task to analyse everything that has happened in the news over the last year and the product wouldn’t … Continue reading

Editorial: A look back on 2011

Noorulann Shahid 2011 has been a pivotal year in terms of history, and I want to look back at the major events that occurred during this year, that will undoubtedly shape 2012. The Arab Spring revolutions, now dubbed as the “Arab Winter” was sparked in Tunisia in December 2010, after a 26-year old man named … Continue reading

2012: The end is nigh, but Hollywood keeps on rolling!

Yosayf Jay Dunn 2011 was year that saw Harry Potter battle Lord Voldemort for the last time, the Transfomers took us to the Dark Side of the Moon, and Captain Jack Sparrow minced his way onto stranger tides. So with the possibility of this being mankind’s final year on planet Earth can the silver screens … Continue reading

Jeremy Clarkson and the Unnecessary Outrage

Noorulann Shahid On Wednesday 30th November, the whole of the social networking community went up in arms regarding Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on the BBC’s “The One Show” regarding the public sector strikes. If you missed the uproar, here is a clip of what he said: I should warn you that whilst I … Continue reading