Who to Watch in 2012

By Jessica Sophie Lovett


As 2012 begins a new array of stars take to the media spot light in search of the public’s attention. This includes both new and old faces enjoying the attention that fame brings, and finally receiving the recognition they deserve for their talents. The faces of 2012 to watch stretch right across from the music scene, to the film industry and into the world of literature, and PULP are here to guide you through a few of them.

The music industry is forever changing, what is new one week will surely be old the next, however here is a tip to a few artists to look out for in 2012, folk and soul singer Lianne La Havas, electric pop trio Niki & The Dove and singer songwriter Frank Ocean. Also Flux Pavilion, known as Joshua Steele, is an English Dj and Producer and is known most popularly for his 2011 single Bass Cannon. Despite being around since 2008, Flux Pavilion is tipped as being one to watch this year in the music charts.

2012 is said to be a big year for the film industry with numerous sequels being released, to pull the audience back in to their favourite stories. This year is also the year that the first film adaptation of Suzanne Collins book series, The Hunger Games is being released. The film is highly awaited by fans and is tipped to top the Twilight franchise. The film is a post apocalyptic setting in America and the world has only just managed to survive, to make sure that the people of the new world are kept in line, every year 24 children are picked to fight to the death in a battle where only one person can survive.

In 2011 Lionel Shriver was a popular name within the film and literature industry, with the highly anticipated film adaptation of her disturbing 2003 novel We Need to Talk About Kevin.  She is now going to be one of the big names in literature for 2012 with her new novel, actually written previously to We Need to Talk About Kevin, The New Republic. In this novel, due for release in March, Shriver satirises terrorism in an imaginary region of Portugal.

2012 is a big year for culture, to ensure you make the most of the 2012, absorb yourself in everything that it has to offer, attend gigs, visit new places and watch new films.


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