Wombling Christmas

Jessica Lovett

With Christmas fast approaching, and band after band reuniting The Wombles have decided to jump on the band wagon and reform for their new Christmas single Wombling Merry Christmas which will be released on the 12th December. The band will be competing with the X Factor winner for Christmas number one spot, and have launched a campaign of The W Factor in a bid to make it to the all important first place. The band’s new album The W Factor is released November 21st and contains their new single, as well as some of the great classics. I asked the band:  how do you feel about going head to head with the X Factor for Christmas Number 1? Do you feel confident? “W comes before x in the alphabet so that should mean something. Apart from that, it is hard to compete with a record that comes from a weekly prime time TV show so it’s not exactly an even playing field. But it’s humans who compile the charts, we Wombles aren’t really bothered. If people like our record, that’s as important, or more important, than getting to number one”.

Many students may not remember The Wombles, or may be thinking of the television show, and will now be asking, are Wombles real? However you would not be wrong to be confused, as the idea for the band first originated from the television show, and thus the band The Wombles were born. With classics such as Remember You’re A Womble and The Wombling Song the band members Orinoco – lead vocals and sax, Wellington – lead guitar, Madame Cholet – bass guitar, Bungo – drums and Great Uncle Bulgaria – violin & percussion are true legends.  When asked: how do you feel about some of your classic singles such as “Remember you’re a Womble”, do you still love them now? The band replied
“great uncle Bulgaria says it’s not nice to say you love your own music. But we like playing the old hits because people recognise them and sing along”.

Although the band members identities are never compromised and you do worry whether these people in costumes actually believe they are ‘Wombles’ the band do produce great music, which is festive and very popular. Also it is stated that “there is no great genius free from some tincture of madness” and the band are pure genius, although you do begin to question their level of madness as when quizzed on how the band feel performing in costumes, they did exclaim “what do you mean, costumes?” But even if you do not remember The Wombles, your parents and older family members definitely will. You may be asking, why do you think students would enjoy The Wombles? Well the band had an answer for that as well, “because they are highly intelligent, young, energetic, and have good taste”.

The bands new single Wombling Merry Christmas is a great hit, and one of those annoying songs that once you’ve heard it, you will never get it out of your head. With lyrics such as “we wish you a Wombling Merry Christmas” and “the whole wide world is Wombling too” the bands single really does have you bobbing your head and getting into the festive spirit. Also with drums, a violin and a saxophone, the instrumental sections of the song hold its own against the cheesy lyrics. So if you wish to have a Wombling Merry Christmas, or simply really hate the X Factor, then purchase your copy of The Wombles single on the 12th December, and help The W Factor reach Number 1, “because it’s going to be Christmas very soon!”




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