It’s Christmas Market Time

Kate Rowan

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, which is ridiculous, my brain tells me, because it is not even December as I write this. However, rather than complaining when the Christmas decorations appear in stores in October and begrudging the coffee shops their Christmas music – I’m enjoying the whole build up.

One of the best things about this time of year is the Christmas Markets. Manchester has one of the best Christmas Markets in the country with the main focus on Albert Square, there are smaller sections scattered around the City Centre, such as King Street, St Anne’s square and by the Wheel. So freshers – get exploring. In my first year, I was wandering around, completely lost, when I stumbled upon the Christmas Market. It was so unexpected – the sudden bustle of people, and trees draped in fairy lights made it magical. Who doesn’t love a tree with fairy lights?

The Christmas Markets is a great experience although they can’t go wrong, as long as they have mulled wine. There should also be various food stalls, and Manchester doesn’t disappoint in choice. I had a Cumbrian sausage in a seeded bap which was tasty, but at £4 not really worth it. My advice is to stick to crêpes. Also the vegetarians (and the squeamish) among us will want to avoid the pig. There is more than one pig in Manchester, be warned. I refer to the hog roast which provides delicious sandwiches. If you can stomach getting that close to the whole, dead pig, eyelashes and all, be my guest. If you have a delicate disposition, and want to enjoy your crêpe in peace, I recommend a trustworthy friend scouts out the hog for you, and helps you avoid it.

The breadth of the Manchester Market is what really impresses me. With so many stalls, you will actually be able to find some decent Christmas presents. I saw many potential gifts – games, pottery, scarves, and cheese.  

In first year I also discovered the most incredible cheesecake stall in the world. It sold individual (but generous) portions which served as many people’s Christmas presents. I have searched in vain for it in the last two years and unfortunately cannot remember its name. I don’t know where you went, wondrous cheesecake stall, but I’ll never give up hope. And if that isn’t Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is.


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