Deleted Scenes from The Cutting Room Floor

Clementine McFall

Style is back, and as we look to 2012, it only looks like things are going to get more glamorous! So you’re going to need a suitable soundtrack to go along with your new swing revival life, and my suggestion is Caro Emerald the Dutch sensation’s debut album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor.  With the fifth Season of Mad Men released at the beginning of next year and the remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, it appears that the whole world has a nostalgic yearning for the good old days of cruising along the Riviera and dancing to something that requires real rhythm.  Caro Emerald maybe completely unknown to anyone who doesn’t have their ear pressed firmly to the ground of up and coming swing and jazz musicians, but she is bringing soul out into the open and has sold out shows at the O2 Sheppard’s Bush Empire and the famous Jazz Café. Emerald is also a style icon as well as a singing sensation, with her marriage of fifties and European glamour.  Not to mention her cool persona, upon beating Michael Jackson’s record of over 27 weeks in the number one slot for a debut album she commented that she was “slightly surprised”. After all, only someone with this much style can pull off having a full orchestra and a DJ at her live concerts.

Every song oozes feminine charm and you cannot help wanting to slink up to the bar and order a dry martini, and speaking of martini, the opening track to the album ‘That Man’ has been chosen as the official song for their advertising campaign. However, this powerful voice is also full of passion, whereas Adele singings about heartache, you would not dare break Emerald’s heart! It takes a lot to hold your own against a brass band and Emerald’s vocals top every note thrown at her.

Some may say they have no time this kind of “old school music” and I agree that one of Caro’s concerts wouldn’t be your average night out. But it does seem the charts are looking for this kind of thing right now, and female vocalists are at the fore running of that.  Let us not forget that we need something slightly calmer to listen to in the shopping centre and in lifts, then Crookers or Smashing Pumpkins. My two favourite tracks are ‘the other woman’ and ‘I know that he’s mine’. And anyone suffering with a broken heart this Christmas can drown out their sorrows to ‘you don’t love me.’

Having been born in Amsterdam you can hear a distinctive underground smokiness to her backing music. Although released over the summer to rave reviews it is now being rereleased as a CD/DVD double pack, featuring one of Emerald’s concerts and all of her exquisite music videos.

So anyone looking for that perfect present for the woman in your lives, be it your girlfriend or Mother, get it in the shops from the 5th December.


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