The Voice of a Dying Generation Shamed on Tram

James Gaskell

On the 28th November, a video emerged showing an enraged woman spouting racial slurs on
Youtube. She was subsequently arrested, and has since been (understandably) the object of
revulsion herself.

What is happening here? The abhorrence that many people displayed was grounded in the fact
that, although we know many people harbour such views, we rarely see them actually spoken by
someone – especially to a tram, packed with the people that she hated. The fact that no one clipped
her round the ear was surprising, until you take into account the child she was using as a barrier.

What we have here is an almost perfect example of the reasons behind racism in this country today.
The woman no doubt sat on her parents knee, while they were furiously spouting ill-grounded bile at
everything that wasn’t ‘normal’, ‘white’ and Anglo-Saxon ‘British’. Some say we are doomed to turn
into our parents. Perhaps never before has Phillip Larkin’s ‘They fuck you up, your mum and dad’
line rang so true.

The woman fails to take into account that her ‘Great British Country’, has a long history of foreign
conquest, immigration, emigration and slavery. These things all contribute to the multicultural
makeup of the country today. ‘Rule Britannia’ played, as Britain ferried slaves from Africa to the New
World. Murderous Britain ruled the globe by the sword and through brainwashing – this is the ‘Great
Britain’ she is nostalgic for. Seems the brainwashing works both ways, as her head still seems full of
century old illusions of Imperial grandeur.

She is not alone – There are many threads online; with phony photo shopped letters, apparently
showing that your average common or garden Asylum Seeker claims over £200 in gas and electric
hand outs. This has caused outrage among our beloved reactionary far-right, complete with the
usual cries or ‘A disgrace! What is this country becoming?’ and ‘Why don’t they all fuck off back
to their own country?’ The irony is, something that the makers of the letters have missed, is that
as soon as you add a ‘0’ to figures, turning them from £12 and £9 to £120 and £90, you have
totally undermined your own argument – and are clearly resorting to nothing more than fascist
propaganda. The letter in question was created to incite hatred, and nothing more.

‘Money grabbing foreigners’ … sound familiar? I remember a certain German dictator using similar
words against a certain group of people, when his country was in similar economic distress as ours.
What was his name – Oh yea, without giving too much away, it rhymed with ‘Shitler’. This is the way
our country could be heading. I am preparing an escape plan as we speak –if this is the voice of the
real Britain I cannot leave soon enough. There was a time where I would see these abhorrent views
as the minority – now I’m not so sure – it is most certainly on the rise, and sometimes among the
most unassuming of our ‘Great British’ population.

We can only hope that all the energy spent on hating outsiders can be redirected to taking the
bankers and tax-dodging billionaires to account – they are the ones that got us into this mess, after
all – not those fleeing war-torn countries.

5 Responses to “The Voice of a Dying Generation Shamed on Tram”
  1. Lee says:

    Why do you assume that any document which contains facts which might disproove your arguments is always going to be fake?

  2. James Gaskell says:

    The only people that are mentioning it are BNP supporters – it seems to be to incite hatred.

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