Music Snobs Be Gone

Jessica Sophie Lovett

In a day an age where it is cool to be a ‘nerd’, cute to wear clothes with hello kitty’s face on and computer games are becoming more and more popular with adults, one of the last taboos to be defeated is music snobbery. Music snobbery in my opinion is one of the most annoying types of judgemental characteristics that we as human beings possess. Music snobbery suggests that some people look down on other people as lower beings because they like certain sounds. The music snob is a self authority on what music is “good” and what music is not. They do not care about what type of genre you listen to; the music snob has an objective opinion about all types of music, across all genres.

Be warned the music snob usually dresses in two ways, the Elvis Costello tight trousers, thick rimmed glasses and floppy hair or the too cool to care, messy/dirty clothes, rag nest hair, and usually an obscure band t-shirt. They don’t like popular music, forget The Beatles and The Clash, music snobs spend the majority of their time researching “new music” only so that in a few weeks time when some says “oh have you listened to (insert band)” the music snob can smugly state “oh I heard that weeks ago”, “that is so old”. Who cares if it’s old? Since when did songs suddenly have an expiration date printed on the back stating “do not consume after so many weeks”.

Take my Itunes playlist for example, it isn’t organised by list, and I don’t care what my play count is. My Itunes music ranges from Britney Spears to Frank Sinatra, classical opera to 80’s dance, Otis Redding to Andrew Lloyd Webber. I like current music, but if I have to wait a few weeks till I hear about it off someone else exclaiming how last month ago it is, I don’t mind.

So students of MMU do not fear admitting to the music you like, there is no need to express “they are my guilty pleasure” anymore. Be proud of the music you like to listen to if you want to dance to Blink 182, perform Phantom of the Opera, and then sing into a hairbrush the lyrics of Mariah there is no need to be ashamed, although I wouldn’t start doing the later in public.


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