Green Impact

Green Impact is a fun, simple and innovative program that inspires staff and students to collectively green MMU buildings. The best part about Green Impact is that everyone gets acknowledged for their hard work and celebrates collective achievements at the end of the program in an amazing awards ceremony.  The changes made through our ‘Green Champions’ are sustained and a legacy is created.

Let’s make a sustainable planet

Staff and students members form teams of ‘Green Champions’ to complete greening actions on an MMU customised online workbook.  Your ‘Green champions’ work through clear and east to implement criteria covering every aspect of sustainability: from biodiversity, sustainable travel and fair-trade, to energy, waste and locally sourced food.  The workbook is designed to be accessible to anyone, even if you’ve never participated in a greening initiative ever before.  You may find that you are probably doing a lot of the actions alreadyJ

Your team can work at your own pace and focus on areas of particular interest to your department.  Your team win points and collect evidence on each action you complete against each other to gain a Working towards, Bronze, Silver or Gold award. Special awards are available to allow you to nominate your favourite ‘Green champions’ for awards such as Best Environment Hero and Best Energy Saving Idea.

Once you’ve submitted your workbooks, departments are audited by trained student and

staff volunteers. This is a great opportunity for you guys to see all the great stuff other departments have done and have your own actions observed by a fellow supporter.  Everyone’s efforts get celebrated at an amazing Green Impact awards ceremony at the end of the year and you get to find out what award you’ve won, have fun, meet your other ‘Green Champions’ and eat delicious food.


GET INVOLVED in Green Impact


What’s in it for you?

  • It’s free to take part and it’s fun J
  • Build your CV with project management skills.
  • Opportunities for team building and collective success for you department.
  • Bespoke toolkit designed to help you green your department.
  • Recognised for environmental actions in place already in your department.
  • Opportunities to inspire colleagues to think ‘green’ and create change.
  • Opportunities to save on resources and money.
  • Opportunity to learn new skills and achieve team goals.
  • Win prizes and gain rewards for all your efforts.
  • Progress MMU to be a sustainable university.
  • Partnership with nationwide scheme for environmental sustainability representing the UK.

How do I sign up?

In Green Impact there is something for everyone and we aim to sign up as many teams as possible as possible.  Every department can build their ‘Green Team’ no matter whether you are academic or non-academic, you can even join up as a ‘Green Champion’ for teams on different floors in your building.  There is no limit to size of your team, the ‘Green champions’ the better.  To get involved follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Find out as much information as possible, look out for articles on the MMU website, Man Met Life and newsletters about the launch.  Have a scan of the workbook and come to our Green impact on

Step 2: Get you’re ‘Green Champions’ together and create a ‘Green Team’ within your department and fill in the Green Impact sign up form we recommend that you build a team as large as possible so that as much support is given to greening your work place.  We do appreciate that there are small departments with less staff  and students so don’t worry if you can’t get 10 members.

Step 3: Attend our drop in session on your campus, this is where will give you all the information you need to complete the workbook, find out all the fantastic incentives and prizes on offer as well as a few surprises too.


Green your department, have fun and win prizes.


Let’s make a sustainable planet


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