Club Review: Revolver

Emily Whitehouse

They say that first impressions count. Well when I walked into Revolver, the melodic tones of Dusty Springfield were the first things to reach my ears – good start.

Revolver has been deemed a ‘Manchester Institution’ by City Life and was this year listed as one of the five best things to do in Manchester in Stylist Magazine. If this wasn’t enough, it is one of Manchester’s longest running independent club nights and a popular haunt for 60’s loving students.

Although still occupying its usual Monday night slot at The Roadhouse, Revolver now also resides at the Death Institute twice a month. Despite only knowing The Deaf Institute (located just around the corner from MMU’s Student Union) as a venue for cheap gigs and a day time cafe, it worked surprisingly well in a club format.  Seated areas on the first floor provide foot tappers with a place to simply enjoy the music, while the dancefloor upstairs caters to the less reluctant jivers and is, I must admit, where I spent most of my night.

Revolver DJ’s Darran Carter, Stephen Ballinger, Josh Goddard & Paul Hodson filled two floors with 60’s classics including Pop, Garage, Rock ‘N’ Roll and Motown so there was certainly enough to keep any vintage lover occupied well into the early hours. The great thing about the Revolver DJ’s is that they don’t just play the same generic 60’s songs we have all become familiar with, they certainly know their music and have clearly searched for the hidden treasures.

There’s a certain air of ‘coolness’ associated with Death Institute and subsequently Revolver, which some of Manchester’s other student orientated clubs fail to deliver. Perhaps this is due to the sea of 60’s throwbacks (in a good way) and indie kids you are immediately met with upon entrance, or maybe it’s the giant disco ball which takes pride of place above the dancefloor.

Although admission to the night was a relatively reasonable five pounds, the drink prices were slightly less student-friendly. After fighting for a place at the bar, I, in my usual classy manner, asked the barman for a pint of his cheapest lager (insert cheap brand name here). I handed him a five pound note in exchange for my beverage, but only received £1.70 in change. “Daylight Robbery” you may be saying to yourself, but no my friend, those are simply the joys of non-student prices.

Don’t however let this discourage you from attending this little gem; if anything it is a price worth paying for a great venue and even greater music and the delicious cocktails as an alternative more than make up for it. As the night drew to a close, the dance floor was still packed and the crowd proceeded to chant at the DJ for more songs, to which he kindly obliged. I left with the feeling that if the venue didn’t have to close, the faithful crowd could have danced all night long.

Revolver runs every Monday at The Roadhouse and on the first Friday and third Saturday of every month at The Deaf Institute so there is no excuse not to dig out the monochrome, travel back to the 60’s and boogie on down. Groovy baby.

For more information on Revolver and a list of Deaf Institute’s other nights visit


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