Demoraliser Review

Current MMU student Mat Ombler (drums) and friends James Dexter (vocals), Nathan Smith, Sam Jarvis (guitarists), and John Stark (bass) are all aged 19-21 and make up the band Demoraliser. The band first got together in June 2010 and after only 18 months are tipped to be the next big thing. With their aggressive, heavy music which is “melodic and catchy” they are beginning to create a name for themselves and have gained a wide group of followers.

Originally from Grimsby, the group have been friends for years and all share a massive passion for music, especially hardcore heavy metal which influences their sound. When asked what their favourite bands are they stated “Terror, Bury Your Dead, and For The Fallen Dreams”.


Having currently performed over a 100 gigs since forming in June 2010, Demoraliser has made a big impression across the UK in a very short amount of time. Including that by the end of the year Demoraliser will have participated in three UK tours supporting Desolated (April), The Departed (August) and Liferuiner (December).It appears that Demoralisers are making their way up the music industry at surprising and impressive speed.

Being a retried heavy metal fan, I was a bit concerned that Demoraliser’s screamo heavy metal would be too much for my newly converted Cobra Starship and Maroon 5 soul. However straight away when click play on my IPod and Bitter Spring turned on I was transported back to a time of head banging, and love of completely blocking the world away while absorbed in a strong, immense and powerful piece of music. The song starts off as it means to go on, with a great instrumental introduction before being lead into the pure meaning of the lyrics. Bitter Springs includes plenty of extended guitar solos, emphatic beats and amplified distortion to please any metal fan, before the song ends with an instrumental crescendo which makes you immediately want to click replay.


Although Demoraliser may not be for the Britney Spears fans out there. They are definitely worth a listen, and are a good a band as any to convert you to heavy metal music. If you want to support fellow MMU student Mat Ombler and catch Demoraliser on their European tour supporting Liferuiner before they are huge, and their ticket prices are too, check out their online pages to see tour dates and prices and take advantage of the great musicians that MMU has to offer.


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Written by: Jessica Sophie Lovett


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