International News Round Up

Quakes Shock Southeast Turkey

A massive earthquake in Southeast Turkey hit 7.2 on the Richter scale. The huge magnitude quake has destroyed thousands of buildings and has already claimed the lives of nearly 500 people with the death toll expected to rise as rescue teams search outlying areas. Turkey has announced it will accept international aid to help with the crisis.


Flooded Thailand Now Threatens Bangkok

Thailand has been devastated with the worst floods it has seen in half a century with 360 people killed. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said the country was in crisis. With the flood water spreading from northern areas after three months of monsoon rain, Bangkok is now vulnerable to flooding.


To NATO or not to NATO?

Libya’s interim leader has said NATO should remain in the country for the rest of the year to prevent Gaddafi loyalists from fleeing to other countries. NATO is to decide whether or not to wrap up its mission to protect Libyan citizens now that Muammar Gaddafi the ex-leader of Libya has been killed.


Yemeni Women Burn Veils In Protest

With Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh still cracking down on anti-government demonstrations, women took to the streets to burn their traditional veils in protest. Progress towards democracy still hasn’t been made in the country with protestors continuing to be shot by Yemeni government troops whilst demonstrating.


St Pauls On Shut-Down

Anti-capitalist demonstrators against ‘corporate greed’ are continuing to occupy the outside of St Pauls Cathedral in London despite requests to leave from London’s Mayor and the Bishop of London. The camp has led to temporary closures of the cathedral but protestors say they have a democratic right to protest. See Occupy article.


7 Billion And Still Going

The UN has announced on 31st October, that the population of the world has reached 7 billion people. This is set to keep on rising as the world’s population increases by 200,000 every day. However, the United Nations Population fund said the world can ‘thrive’ with the right investments in people now. See World population set to double article.


Stone Roses Sell-Out

After the Stone Roses announced they were reforming and playing at Heaton Park in Manchester in June, tickets for the hotly anticipated gigs sold out in 14 minutes forcing them to add an extra show to their comeback tour. Many fans missed out with tickets and many are now being sold on eBay for twice their face value. If you’re a Stone Rose’s fan why not check out Magazine’s latest album reviewed by Pulp in this issue.


Alcohol to blame for singers untimely death                                              

It has been announced that Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning and at the point of her death was over five times the legal drink-drive limit. A verdict of Misadventure was recorded after Winehouse consumed fatal levels of alcohol after not having drunk for three weeks.


Bee-have Utah!

Over 20 million bees escaped this week when a truck carrying hundreds of bee hives

overturned on a Utah highway.  The road was closed for several hours and emergency Bee keepers were called in to capture the runaways. The bees were being transported for almond pollination in the spring.


Written by Ben Diette



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