Review: The Girl Beneath The Voice

Sophie-Rose Glover

Review of Adele’s Performance at the Royal Albert Hall London, Thursday 22nd September 2011.

Some people thought that it was mad to travel down to London for one night and leave fresher’s week, however I knew it was worth it to see one of the most successful female artists in recent years, Adele. After her performance of hit song ‘Someone like you’ at the Brit awards in February which has had over 42 million YouTube hits she has become a worldwide superstar with sell out tours across America, usually a sticking point for British stars.

When the familiar chords of ‘Hometown Glory’ first resonated across the crowd it was clear that something very special was about to happen. However, the mood changed from the silent awaiting of the superstar to a deafening applause when she walked out to greet the crowd in a ‘gupsy’ and almost stunned way. This is the simple beauty about Adele, although she is clearly confident in what she does and the songs that she writes and sings, it is clear that it is still surprising to her that people want to listen. This is because her lyrics relate to everyone and whilst some critics say that she is “miserable” there is something almost uplifting about her blunt way of describing heartache.

Although Adele has undeniable charm she is professional throughout and will not let the media get in her way and damage her. When appearing on the cover of the October edition of Vogue, she refused to focus on body image, ‘I’ve seen people where it (body image) rules their lives who wants to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and it wears them down. I do not want that in my life… I have body insecurities of course but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me’.

Adele is so much more than retro hair and a big powerful voice she is a real person which comes across strongly in her live shows. By her comic tales and detailed explanations of the meanings behind her songs, she makes you feel as though you are sitting in her front room having a chat. At one point during the concert, she almost brought out her dog Louis Armstrong to meet the crowd. Cynics may believe that Adele’s refusal to perform at large venues is just a sharp marketing tool to boost sales and attract the public towards her however once you hear her heart breaking melodies it is clear that her passion cannot be faked.

Jo Whiley recently said in her article for Stylist Magazine ‘I have no doubt that she will have a great legacy long after she’s gone. She is in the same class as a legend like Ella Fitzgerald’.



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