I Love Manchester

Jessica Sophie Lovett

“I love Manchester” is a statement I’ve exclaimed many times. But why do I love Manchester? As a student there could be many reasons why I would love this city; the shopping, people or setting? However even though I do love all these aspects there is an even greater part that everybody, including us students, should discover and that is the culture. Manchester is an immense city of culture, broadcaster Brian Redhead once said “Manchester … is the capital, in every sense, of the North of England, where the modern world was born”.

There is so much to discover in Manchester and to make it even better, so much of it is free. So now even the poorest of students can take advantage and discover something new and exciting in this great city.

The buildings alone are admired across the globe. Take Manchester University’s John Rylands Library built in 1890s. The John Rylands Library is widely known as one of the most stunning libraries in the world, and it’s right here for students to visit completely free of charge. This means as well as researching books for your lecture, you can also enjoy the brilliant architecture. The architecture in Manchester spreads across the Victorian period right up until present day. Manchester’s town hall is a perfect example of Victorian revival.

If that doesn’t seem like your thing Manchester has a thriving music scene steeped in history and although the heydays of the Hacienda and boardwalk maybe dead and buried there still a mad one waiting out there for all of you. Those up for a long haul take a journey out to Ancoats and descend into the insanity of Sankey’s. For a more personal (and slightly sweaty) dance, the basement of Joshua Brooks mixes a intimate dance floor with some of Manchester’s best DJ’s.And there is something for everyone. For the history buffs we have The Imperial War Museum, Castlefield’s Roman Site and The People’s History Museum. Also for the artists amongst us there is both Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery which are completely free of charge to visit.

Or if you just wanted to relax with friends Manchester has some great outside places. Just down Oxford Road there is Whitworth Park, a lovely space for a summer’s day, close to local amenities.

So go out and explore all the culture that Manchester has to offer.

Photograph: Phil Simpson lifeaswe-knowit.blogspot.com


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