Harvey Nichols

James Jarvis

With a flowery wristband round one arm and the other clutching a well mixed drink, Pulp decided to take a wonder round the glitz and glamour of Harvey Nichols after hours. No not more looting; but a brilliant night of booze, beats and bargains, the Harvey Nic’s secret student sale! Bethani Gowland, a PR and fashion extraordinaire, was waiting at the door to guide us through the dizzying array of student offers, bars, DJ booths, stages and make-up stands. Not far behind was the bus loads of anxious consumers shipped in from halls up and down Manchester, all eager to grab that must have item. Music came from a select crop of DJ’s and bands including Sankey and Lowlife’s own Martin Elwood. While there Pulp caught up with fellow MMU student Chelsea who’s in her 1st year of a physical geography degree and made the journey down Deansgate to pick up some cut-price make up before both Harvey Nic’s and her student loan run out. All in all a lovely evening of economy boosting joviality.


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