Editorial Comment: Welcome to Pulp

James Jarvis

Much like a phoenix from the fire, today sees’s Pulp rise up out of the smouldering ashes of MMU’s previous journeys into journalism. With a fine pedigree from its predecessor’s MMU Student Direct and Pulp Magazine, Pulp hits the shelves today in the hope of returning to the heydays of the written word that saw MMU gain a Guardian student media award in 1985. Why? Because its bloody important!! Journalism and the media, though going through a bad spot of PR, provides the key mechanism whereby the average joe (No offence meant to my writing team) and his pen can bring into context and clear light the occurrences blossoming around us every day. From the smallest of local newspapers to the media empires of moguls, by merely commenting on the world around us in a public forum there lies the potential to completely change things, all with the humble word. From bringing down corrupt governments to exposing the malpractice’s of those we trust, journalism asks questions of the process’ effecting our lives and demands an answer. Even on the campus’ of universities the importance of journalism is prevalent, all the more so in the current climate. It can hold the faculty/university to account over the decisions effecting your education; it can provide an output for student’s creativity and a voice to those who would otherwise be lost in the din. Those are the lines along which Pulp intends to run, both as an open forum for likeminded individuals to share their creativity and as a tool to promote equality and fairness to all we see fit!


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