Film Review: Friends With Benefits

Dominic Nazeri

Many films fall into the stereotypical Hollywood romcom culture of boy meets girl and the rest is history. You’d be wrong in thinking that Friends With Benefits redefines the genre and adds things that have never been done before in some miraculous attempt to break the typical trend. What it does however, is take two actors who clearly have the best on-screen chemistry seen for a while, and put them in some relatively realistic situations that genuinely makes you ask the question: is this how it would happen in real life?

Both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have been big hitters recently, with Kunis taking the industry by storm in Black Swan, which is currently making her one of the most currently sought after actresses. Conversely Timberlake turned heads in his performance in ‘The Social Network’, playing fast-talking, confident entrepreneur Sean Parker, (it’s said he was just playing his real-world self) and his involvement in the development of Facebook. So here we have two film stars who have cemented their careers and have now moved on to tackle the romcom.

Kunis plays Jamie, a head hunter who eventually tempts Dylan (Timberlake) into moving from the small internet company he’s based at to Art Director of GQ in New York. Their friendship blossoms from co-workers, to hanging out, and soon they decide that after realising both have had a consecutive string of terrible relationships, they would try removing the commitment issue from relationships and keep things strictly physical, while keeping their friendship intact. Being part of today’s youth culture, I was intrigued to see how such events would plan out, after all this film is essentially taking a concept that many believe to be floored, and applying it to people who actually have the desire to go through with it.

The film itself is relatively well done. There’s a steady stream of consistent humour that keeps things fresh and flowing, and the chemistry between Kunis and Timberlake is so apparent it helps glue all of the different scenes together. Some sub-plots include Kunis questioning her mother about whom and where her dad is, as well as Timberlake dealing with family issues himself helping to keep the film interesting.

The humour is certainly a talking point of many who will leave the cinema. I myself found the film hilarious. The consistent nudity jokes in one scene pile up laughter upon laughter to the point that you could almost relate it to an experience of your own. In addition to types of humour both characters make a mockery of the modern ‘romantic relationship’ throughout the film which ironically enough suffices in making you believe that ‘friends with benefits’ could actually be possibility. However this idea is conceded by the fall out and eventual make up leading to the union of Kunis and Timberlake’s characters in a committed romantic relationship.

All in all Friends With Benefits is a modern take on a modern idea, one which certainly seems to work well for the most part, due to the fact that both actors help glue the whole film together with humour, mockery and love.

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  1. Makes me want to see it now!

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